Naylaa Nebuliser

Step into a world of unparalleled luxury with Naylaa Signature Scents. Imagine surrounding yourself with effortless elegance and indulging in the captivating aromas that define your space. With our exclusive Naylaa aroma diffuser, you can now transform your home, office, or bedroom into a sanctuary of opulent fragrances.

Our aroma diffuser, equipped with a cutting-edge nebuliser, ensures that the scent disperses evenly and delicately throughout your chosen space. The nebuliser technology releases the fragrance in a fine mist, creating a long-lasting and immersive olfactory experience that lingers in the air.

Product Details

  • Easy to use, plug-in aroma diffusion system
  • Diffuses scents quickly and efficiently for a fresh and lasting experience
  • Smart timer operation
  • Includes free 200ml Naylaa Signature Scent of your choice
  • Bluetooth control apps
  • Naylaa Signature Scent
  • Temasek, Sentosa, Orchard, Cluny, Marina Bay, Lavender, and Eucalyptus


*At checkout, please drop us a message on the scent of your choice.   

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